We would not be able to provide services without our supporters. Additional partners will be posted shortly!



Premier IT Solutions provides a full suite of business IT solutions.  They have generously partnered with us for a variety of our IT needs.

Sanabul Sports offers a wide range of high quality athletic and fight gear.  They keep us stocked on gloves and other necessities.  Our youth proudly wear the Sanabul logo.

St. Agatha’s Church has been serving the North Lawndale community from Douglas Blvd. and Kedzie Ave. since 1893.  St. Agatha’s and Pastor Larry Dowling have supported and hosted a variety of our events, including peace circles and recreational outings.  Thank you!

While their work traces to the 1860s, UCAN has become a particularly indispensable force for positive youth development in North Lawndale since moving their headquarters to the community in 2016.  They have provided Boxing Out Negativity with an array of supportive services, partnered on events, and assisted with case management of our youth.    

Working Bikes is a Chicago nonprofit that “gives donated bikes new life by redistributing them as tools of empowerment in local and global communities.”  They have generously donated bikes for distribution at our events.

Additionally, Vice News has provided substantial coverage of our program and assisted with fundraising.  We appreciate their support in the fight for peace!

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