Successful Run!

Boxing Out Negativity was excited to have 20 runners in the Lawndale 5k on Saturday, September 28th.

We had some notable finishers – coming in first on our team was Derek Brown Jr., finishing in just 23:10 with an average pace of 7:28 a mile. Terence Moore (26:10) and Devontay Williams (26:12) also kept an impressive pace!

More than anything, we loved seeing the entire team push themselves to perform their best, and seeing their positivity and encouragement throughout the run. The 5k route doubled back for the second half, so a lot of high fives were exchanged along the way!

None of us were born runners. It’s amazing what you can do with consistent practice and focus.

And nothing worth doing is easy at the start, but with dedication all things are possible.

Well done team!

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