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In 2009, Coach Brown made the decision to show up for North Lawndale’s youth, devoting his life to saving the next generation from the difficult path he had taken.

He continues to show up for youth every day, but a lot has changed. Boxing Out Negativity has evolved into a 501(c)(3) with a strong reputation for serving those ages 8+ who are at the greatest risk for violence, including those who have already been street-involved. Boxing is just the hook for a program designed to elicit character development and civic responsibility through training, mentorship, motivational discussions, and community engagement.  This is at no cost to participants: We cover expenses that include boxing registration fees, uniforms, and gloves– we even maintain a fleet of bikes for the team.  Our programming is offered year-round and often takes place seven days a week.

But, we can’t do this alone. Demand continues to far exceed capacity, and we can use your help!

Programming is limited in the current months due to the small size of our gym and government covid regulations, leading us to keep our circle small and prioritize our most at-risk youth. But as the weather breaks, we will be back in full swing with outdoor training, runs, bike rides, and other events – anything and everything to engage our community.

Nobody who wants our services should need to be turned away due to limited capacity, and we could use your help! You can support your work in a number of ways:

Register as a volunteer – Whether you love boxing or general fitness, can help with special event planning, or have specialized skills such as photography or accounting, we would love your help! Expect to hear from us about opportunities as the weather warms up.

Donate – We’re gathering funds to support our daily programming, special events, and the eventual building of a staff and purchase of our own gym. We keep a low overhead – nearly every penny goes directly into programming for our youth.

Join us! – We are beyond excited to be planning two community bike rides for summer 2021 – come ride with us! You can register to ride on the following sites, or follow the links found on each site to register as a partner or volunteer:

  • Street Love Ride: August 21, 2021 – Help us spread the love! This ride sends a message to those who are street involved that there is a positive community ready to embrace them when they are ready for something different. Those who were there in 2020 know the vibe – it deepened our belief that our city stands strongest in the fight against violence when we stand as one. Ride as one Chicago for a safer Chicago. All are welcome – experience the phenomenon!

Thank you for your support!

Photo Credit: Justin Connor

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